Our projects are our
passion, challenge, professional development,
and most of all, the improvement of living comfort of our business partners and their families. Please, sit comfortably on our sofa…
… and feel the atmosphere of our work.

About us

Koska Bau GmbH

Koska Bau GmbH is a Berlin which represents the real estate sector and provides construction-renovation services.

As an experienced enterprise we offer a wide range of services which go far beyond investment in real estate. We also provide construction-renovation services, as well as the sales of building materials.

Basing on our experience, we are uncompromisingly attached to maintain the highest standards of services and reliability in all our actions.

Berlin and its surroundings

Koska Bau GmbH provides construction-renovation services for both companies and private entities.

We operate in the city of Berlin and its surroundings. The scope of provided services include finishing and demolition services, as well as comprehensive renovation and modernization of apartments and offices. Every project is treated individually and all your needs and requests are met with greatest care.

Moreover, our team consists of a group of experts in the area of architecture and interior decoration, who, on your request, shall draw up the rooms’ arrangement designs. Then, we can effectively implement these concepts.

Kostka Bau focuses on:

Punctuality and time,

about us briefly…

we are a construction-renovation company built on extensive investment experience from the international real estate market



we strive that every new customer becomes our long-term business partner


accuracy and diligence…

we work on certified building materials, that ensure proven quality, taking into consideration individual preferences of our business partners

Good taste

Intuition and modern trends,

we cooperate closely with the experts from the field of architecture, engineering, building and glass constructions, as well as interior design

… and what is most important – our customer, and his feelings, expectations, dreams and his vision…

Our business priority is a constant strive to fulfil our customers’ needs.


Renovation works

  • comprehensive renovation of offices, houses and office space


Laying tiles, gres tiles and terracotta indoors and outdoors

Interior finishing

  • plastering
  • installation of plasterboards
  • laying glass flis and rauphase
  • electrical installations

Plumbing/water installations and fittings

Central heating installation

Installation or renovation of ceilings

  • applying the putty
  • suspending the ceilings:
    • OWA
    • Acoustic
    • plasterboard
  • Stuccowork renovation and installation and delivery of new stuccowork


  • Laying:
    • parquets
    • floor panels
    • wood floors
    • vinyl flooring
    • linoleum
    • PVC
    • carpets
  • Scraping
  • Varnishing
  • Oiling
  • Installation of skirting boards

Installation of windows, external, internal and specialized doors, windowsills


Delivery and installation of kitchens

Demolition works, and adaptation of specialist premises


designing and starting gardens and terraces together with the garden architecture:

  • arbours, alcoves
  • woodsheds
  • sheds
  • barbecue grills
  • fireplaces

Construction of wooden or WPC terraces

Demolition works


Koska Bau GmbH Am Gemeindepark 40, 12249 Berlin | office@koskabau.com | +49 157 50 186 128 | +48 602 42 66 99